The Rotary Club of Ottawa South participated in Cleaning up the Capital 2019.
On Sunday April 28, 2019, members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa South participated in the Clean up the Capital weekend. The roadside around the intersection of Bank Street and Rotary Way was our designated area. Alex Davidson, Jeanine Parker and Scott Vetter filled many garbage bags with plastic drink containers, coffee cups, food wrappers, car parts, and an infinite number of cigarette butts. The amount that people litter was rather discouraging, but it was gratifying to see how much better the roadside looked after we picked up all the trash.
It was particularly nice to be working at the intersection where the Ottawa Rotary Home is located. It is a busy area with lots of commuter traffic and many new residential areas. Bank Street had a lot of discarded trash and debris., but for the record, the Ottawa Rotary Home property proper was well-kept and clean. 
The City of Ottawa provided us with garbage bags and gloves. In previous years the bags were left by the roadside for City pick-up, this year they asked us to bring it home and put it out with our own trash for regular pick-up. The city staff who picked up the trash at my place the next day were greeted with a small mountain of trash bags!
Thanks to those who came out and helped, it was a little cool but bright and sunny day - made all the brighter at Bank and Rotary Way.
Rotary Club of Ottawa South help Clean up the Capital along Bank Street and Rotary Way